Plastic Surgery (Cosmetic Surgery) in Irvine, CA

At Newport Plastic Surgery, we are proud to offer a range of plastic surgery services to help patients achieve their cosmetic goals. We provide exceptional care led by Dr. Go, one of the most highly trained plastic surgeons in Newport Beach, Costa Mesa, Irvine, and the surrounding areas of California.

What is Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery is a surgical specialty that consists of both reconstructive surgery and cosmetic surgery. Reconstructive surgery uses surgical techniques to restore the appearance and function of the entire body, typically after a severe injury or cancer treatment. Cosmetic surgery is the more popular type of plastic surgery, which involves a range of elective procedures that can enhance the appearance and aesthetics of the face and body. Many people choose to have plastic surgery to reduce signs of aging or address other features of their appearance that they are unhappy with. Dr. Go specializes in both reconstructive and cosmetic surgery techniques to help his patients achieve their unique treatment goals.

Can Plastic Surgery Help with Weight Loss?

Plastic surgery can do many things, but it should not be used as an alternative to healthy weight loss. We recommend that patients get as close to their goal weight as possible through sustainable diet and exercise habits before considering plastic surgery. However, if patients find that they are unable to eliminate stubborn body fat with these efforts, body sculpting treatments can help jump start the motivational ‘healthy lifestyle’ journey and reduce unwanted fat to produce a slimmer appearance. Plastic surgery can also be a good option after a patient experiences significant weight loss, as some body sculpting and contouring procedures can eliminate loose, sagging skin to produce a firmer, more aesthetic physique.

What Plastic Surgery Procedures Are Available?

At Newport Plastic Surgery, we specialize in many kinds of cosmetic surgery procedures. We currently offer the following plastic surgery treatments:

If you are considering plastic surgery at Newport Plastic Surgery, contact us today to schedule your initial consultation. Our practice is proudly led by Dr. Go, a triple board-certified plastic surgeon in Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Irvine, Costa Mesa, and the neighboring communities of California.