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Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed with a Little Filler – Newport Beach, CA

It seems as I get older that the me in my head and the me in the mirror don’t quite mix, and I wanted a little pick me up so that I didn’t always look so tired. At the same time, I still wanted to look like me, and not like I had been “done”. 

Dr. Goshtasby very carefully listened to what I wanted and then explained what I could realistically expect as a result. He also alerted me to other possible procedures to obtain the exact result I wanted. I chose to just do the filler for now. 

He took his time with everything, and over the next few days, I was amazed at the number of people telling me how rested I looked and how good my skin looked.

What a perfect response!

Dr. Goshtasby is very meticulous and cares about the needs of his patients and the results.

I Would Do It Again! The Lifestyle Lift and Laser Really Worked for Me! – Orange County, CA

Ten months later and every day is better than the last. I have grown accustomed to the new “me”. So glad I did it!


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  • “Dr Goshtasby was the on call plastic surgeon at the Irvine Hoag ER and performed surgery on my two year old son who fell and cut his lip open. He was very meticulous and after a few months I am happy to say my son has healed without any scars. My family and I are so thankful!” -Katie F.
  • “I would refer anyone to Dr Goshtasby who is looking for top notch beauty care. I have been a patient since 2010 and would highly recommend him. Located in a High-End facility and very experienced in the latest procedures.” -Otto A.
  • “I went to him to get my lips done and they are perfect!! I wanted just a slightly plump, subtle change and he couldn’t have done a better job. Don’t go anywhere else.” -Michelle H.
  • “These people are awesome and my review is for both the botox service and the medical grade peel I had done here!

    Dr. Parviz Goshtasbi and his staff are all very nice, professional and at the same time down to earth and realistic. my experience was very good so much so that I have been back twice. I was referred here by a friend who gets her botox done with Dr. Goshtasbi. Those little number 11 lines in-between the eyes is so annoying and when I consulted with Dr, Goshtasbi about how I was thinking of Botox and wanted to know more information about this, he took his time to go over with me the treatments that can be done. I am all about preventing them from deepening and getting worse. I didn’t feel rushed or pressured. I ended up getting the Botox and I am so happy with the results.

    I ended up returning for a medical chemical peel called REVEPEEL with Katina. She does the peels in the office. If you have never had a medical grade peel then I encourage you to try this peel. I have had glycolic peels in the past where I didn’t feel that my skin looked as good as I was promised. I am week two out from the peel and I am super excited about my skin! I will never do another glycolic peel or any peel in a beauty spa ever again. Katina, was very thorough with me as to what to expect during the visit and post. I was given a post-peel kit which I was diligent about following the directions. Granted I looked scary and I hid out from everyone while I was peeling. My results are beyond what I had expected. I have had some weird bump on my side of my face that I thought was a stubborn pimple or a cyst. My esthetician could not get it to pop or go away. I was going to see a dermatologist because I was over this little bump. After the REVEPEEL this bump disappeared! I am so stoked and my skin is bright, clear my pores are smaller and the best part I keep getting compliments on my skin.

    I do plan on consulting with Dr. Goshtasbi for a reduction. I had a bad experience with a plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills who did not make me as small as I wanted to be. Just can’t bare the thought of going under the knife again but based on how down to earth he was and professional I will consider having him reduce me even more so. Big Boobs suck!” -Christina S.

  • “Dr. Parviz Goshtasbi is an extremely compassionate, honest, detailed oriented, gifted surgeon, who goes out of his way to examine, educate and help his patients with what they need. He is truly one in a billion. No one would select a different surgeon, after consulting with Dr. Parviz Goshtasbi. HE IS THE BEST.

    Dr. Goshtasbi has also selected a very intelligent and caring office manager, who makes going to his office a great experience.

    Dr.Goshtasbi, you are truly a gift to humanity!!!” -Kathy P.

  • “Dr. Goshtasbi and his staff are amazing!!! I have dealt with many doctors in my day and he is one of the most thoughtful, caring and genuine doctors out there. He is very meticulous and works thoroughly. He spends quality time with you making you feel like a priority! I would recommend him to all my family and friends…That’s how confident I am in his abilities ;)” -Melayne W.
  • “Dr. Goshtasby was incredibly patient and kind when my 3 year old daughter need extensive stitches due to an injury above her eye. He came into Hogue at midnight, even when he wasn’t on call! Our daughter is doing well and is recovering perfectly.

    I would highly recommend Dr. Gostasby!”

  • “We met Dr. Goshtasby when our child had a very scary hand injury. We feel like we got the best of the best, a plastic surgeon and a hand surgeon- and we were right. He did an incredible job and was very clear and honest with us about the injury and the healing process. He is a very kind, soft spoken man (especially with two parents who were kind of a mess) and he was available for us with any questions (even an emergency surgical dressing change on a Sunday).

    Due to the fantastic outcome on our child’s hand (and my needing some serious “refreshing” after the long recuperation period), I went to go see Dr. Goshtasby for some much-needed Botox. He sat with me and explained everything. He really listened to what my needs were and made sure everything was what I had hoped for.

    His wife also works in the office and she is just a lovely, kind woman who is very helpful and prompt when you would like to get in for an appointment or have any insurance questions. She also has the same soft-spoken, warm demeanor as her husband.

    I cannot say enough kind words about Dr. Goshtasby and his office. Really great people!” -Stef H.

  • “I was tired of looking at myself in a mirror and the bags under my eyes being the first thing that I would see. I had met Dr. Goshtasby previously and was impressed by how important his work is to him.

    When I went to the office for my consultation, he sat me down to discuss what I wanted to accomplish and what was important to me. He explained to me what I could expect from the procedure/filler that I wanted so that I would know what it would and would not do.

    He made some recommendations, and I’m glad I accepted them. For some strange reason, he knows a lot more about how to create good outcomes in cosmetic surgery than I do. LOL. Maybe it’s the double board certification.

    The outcome has been wonderful! I get up in the morning and see my face rather than those bags, and I had an acquaintance who was a makeup artist in Hollywood ask me what I had done, and then comment that she wanted his name as it looked so natural, and it was obvious that he knew what he was doing.

    The comments from Stef S. are spot on regarding how kind and soft spoken he and his wife are. They truly care about their patients, and I would highly recommend Dr. Goshtasby.” -Christine D.

  • “Dr Go really is as good as it gets! if you are thinking about botox or fillers i would not think about going to anybody else! no frozen surprised face here!! He is meticulous in every way and really knows what hes doing. My whole experience from start to finish was wonderful. The office staff are so warm and caring which i appreciated as it was my first experience with injectables. It really does pay to see a board certified plastic surgeon!” -Bernadette M.
  • “I am pleased to recommend Dr. Goshtasby as a plastic surgeon, as a trauma surgeon, and as a doctor running a practice and treating patients.

    I consider myself extremely lucky to have had Dr. Goshtasby as my trauma and plastic surgeon after a horrific accident shattered a substantial portion of my face, particularly around my eye. This was a potentially life changing moment and Dr. Goshtasby completely set and graft my orbital bone, “fixed” my sinus, reset my cheekbone, deal with a fracture in my jaw, hematomas, etc, and he did it all with very little, mostly hidden scarring, and no damage whatsoever to my nerves or my eye. He also made some decisions in the surgery room that I will be eternally grateful for.

    On top of which, my accident had to do with a neurological phenomenon and orthopedic problems that neither my neurologist or orthopedic doctor have helped me understand nearly as well as Dr. Goshtasby has. While those are not his direct area of practice, the point is, Dr. Goshtasby is more accessible than most physicians. He thoroughly addresses points, he answers his emails, and he is available and reliable in case of emergency.

    I cannot express enough that Dr. Goshtasby deserves a 5 star+ rating and if you are looking for someone to definitely see him.”