Chin Augmentation

A receding chin can make your face appear unbalanced or misshapen, possibly shaking your self-confidence and can affect others’ perception of you as a person. Dr. Goshtasby is pleased to offer the Chin Augmentation procedure which can help reshape or enhance the size of your chin to create greater visual balance between your chin and nose. Your face will look more rounded and balanced. A Chin Augmentation procedure often includes inserting an implant, and/or moving or reshaping bones. It is also common to have other complementary procedures such as rhinoplasty or a facial liposuction performed at the same time.

Am I A Candidate for Chin Augmentation?
The best candidates for chin augmentation are those who are in good general health, do not smoke, and have a weak or receding chins.
The Procedure
Chin Augmentation surgery is performed under a general anesthetic and typically lasts for 1 to 3 hours. Dr. Goshtasby will make an incision either inside the mouth, or under the chin to create a pocket in which to place the implant. After placing the implant, Dr. Goshtasby will either reshape the bone, add an insert, and/or relocate fatty tissue depending on your treatment plan.

You will feel some discomfort and soreness for up to three months, but you should be able to resume your normal activities with a week to ten days. It may take several months for any swelling to subside.

Dr. Goshtasby will be pleased to meet with you personally to discuss the best options for your desired results.